Ask yourself as often as possible: “What do you really want?”

At one time, you wanted something. This seems to have vanished in the course of time. You stopped attributing importance to it. You resigned yourself to your fate. You began to take life as it came. You changed into a weathercock which revolves according to the direction in which the wind pushes it. A weathercock has no heart, no dreams. Therefore it also has no stable needle to point in a specific direction. A weathercock is just an inanimate, passionless item. Without enthusiasm, one gradually slows down. One lacks purpose, motivation, direction. All people are sailboats, and the worst thing that can happen to them is not a storm, but a state of windlessness. Windless conditions might seem safer. Like a vessel in a harbour. But ships and people are not built to remain in port. And man is not born for inaction. A man who does not act therefore has the feeling of not living at all in the coming years. And, in a way, he really is not alive. He is just surviving.
Life is not eternal, its duration is limited. We regret this fact, but it is actually a positive thing. Many people behave as passively as if they are going to live forever. Therefore, think about how you deal with the time allotted to you. And forget the advance excuses that it is too late or too early for something you really want to do. Because the question of what you really want never comes too late, or too soon. Do not regret in your old age what your life could have been like. Strive to make your life as it should be, immediately. Immediately means without delay.
Petr Casanova
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