Ask yourself as often as possible: “Where do you obtain energy?”

In the real world, no positive things happen by themselves. No helping hand will appear out of thin air, not even a smile is conjured up without a reason. We cannot be successful and happy without invested effort. This is arranged well. The more effort we put in, the sweeter is the achievement of the goal. But there is a hitch. Sufficient effort is conditioned by a sufficient store of energy. To obtain energy, you must get it from somewhere. The best way is by being positive. Because physical laws do not apply to positive energy. When we obtain positive energy somewhere, it does not mean that somebody else has to lose it. Do you remember the example of a massage (66th Law)? Even though you put in your energy, both you and your partner obtain more from it.
Synergy works both ways, positively as well as negatively. If you radiate positive energy, both you and your partner feel better. If you radiate negative energy, both of you feel worse. Because energy always multiplies in a relationship. It is only up to you with which type of energy you work. But be careful, it is like dynamite. Firing up positive energy means allowing encouragement, admiration, appreciation, assistance to explode. Synergy multiplies exponentially in a society of positive people. The more positives we give to others, the more we get from them. Well, do you know where you obtain energy, and whether it is positive or negative?
Petr Casanova
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