Beware of a partner who constantly needs approval

It is said that quality goods praise themselves. So men praise themselves whenever they have the opportunity. Weak men suspect that their inferior worth cannot be seen, so they seek other means of seeking approval. Over a bar counter they beef about sportsmen, without knowing anything about sporting action. They do not need facts and only care that their own opinion wins. Those men are laughable. But there is another category which is very dangerous. The weakest men. They need to showcase their imaginary successes. They want to arouse envy and are able to get themselves into debt to achieve this. Just to astonish others with the latest model car, gadgets, luxury holidays. They are unable to acquire status by their actual conduct, so they have to buy status (on credit). Like a fake university degree.
These people are devoured by their own envy. They are sick and desperate. Even when they have a new car, they are still pitiful, albeit with the new car. It is important to realise that nobody is born strong. One becomes strong. One must grow through one’s own courage, patience and persistence. That is why strong men are so generous, thoughtful, helpful – without these characteristics, they would never have grown to such a level. You can deprive those men of their new cars, gadgets, holidays. You can take away their influence on others in their careers. But you can never take from them what they have created within themselves. Women call it charisma. This word has no definition. Because charismatic men are not made by definition but by action.
Petr Casanova
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