Beware of a partner who deceives and hurts only because he has the opportunity to do so

A man can hurt his partner at any time. Beat her at any time. Indeed, he is stronger physically. He can devastate her on a daily basis. If he is a weakling. Such behaviour is normal for a weak man. He tries to refer to history, genes, biological needs. Note that weak men never want to be alone in disputes, they like to hide in a crowd. A crowd provides anonymity. They can hurt anyone without risking detection or punishment. Yes, this is how a weak man thinks. On the contrary, a strong man knows that misuse of strength and deceit are not the result of opportunity, but basically a personal choice. The infidelity of specific men have nothing in common with history or biology. The fact that a man decides to hurt a woman does not reveal anything about the man as such. And neither about the woman he deceives. It reveals only what he is like.
Deceitful men like to argue that the woman was to blame because she was unable to meet his needs. No. The deceived woman has only one drawback for which she pays. The drawback is: she trusted the wrong person. That is why women do not want weak men. Deceiving others is a manifestation of weakness. Fidelity requires strength, self-renunciation, patience. Fidelity means doing the right thing in a relationship. And the right thing requires the right man. A weakling is not the right one. Hurting others has nothing in common with strength, but everything in common with the inability to master oneself.
Petr Casanova
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