Beware of a partner who does not have enough empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others. To empathise with them. But weak men are insensitive. Without compassion, they beat, shout, exploit, stalk. Empathy is not a product which can be purchased in a shop. Empathy must be learned. This is not difficult, as soon as people convince themselves that in a relationship they always achieve more by kindness than by violence. For example, empathetic people know that everybody is entitled to privacy. Even as a couple. Everybody should have time for himself, his desires, dreams as well as secrets. He should have a private zone where he can be sure that nobody will disturb him without his consent. His telephone, email, bank account – should be things which are his alone.
It is impossible to breathe freely in a relationship which usurps the basic freedoms. A person who controls each step of his partner may feel powerful. However, instead he is powerless. Respect the boundaries of the other person. Do not push yourself beyond the borders. Behave in such a way that your partner invites you over them. If he wants to.
Petr Casanova
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