Beware of a partner who envies everybody else

Every man was once weak. There is no difference. Strong men only differ from those who remain weak. For example, he did not keep his orientation towards a specific objective. He began to compare, peek at others. Ego led him astray and never allowed him to return. Envy is the powerful weapon used for this.
Envy is the tendency to count other people’s strengths rather than one’s own. This empty inclination does not produce anything positive in a man, it only hurts. That is why a strong man rejects envy as much as possible. He does not try to compare himself with others. But because all men are competitive, he still continues comparing himself in one battle. He competes with himself. He tries to be better today than he was yesterday. His rival is his best possible self on that day. Because this is a competitor with whom it is always possible to catch up. For weak men, the own self is an unbeatable adversary. And this greatly annoys them. How is it possible that I am worse than I should be? Who is to blame? The government? My neighbour? My wife?
Learn to shake off people who let you down in the long term. And remember: it is no wonder that you are desperate, if you cannot reject those who make you feel desperate.
Petr Casanova
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