Beware of a partner who harbours old injuries

Everybody makes mistakes. All of us have taken some steps in life that led nowhere. This is normal. And nothing is easier than leaving behind what is not working. Weak men, controlled by ego, take a long time lamenting over spilt milk. They stand over it and weep at how the sour milk smells increasingly bad. On the contrary, strong men do not lament for a long time. They take a cloth and wipe the floor. Weak men could also do this. But they would have to cease their wailing and start acting. Problems will keep piling up until they do something.
Weak men always pose as victims. Everything that happened to them has been a conspiracy, someone’s evil intention, a fatal accident. It was beyond their power to influence anything. As long as they believe this, their personal catastrophe is inevitable. Because they demonstrate that they are unable to make their own decisions. Strong men do not remain standing in the spilt milk. They are prepared to pay for the mistake. The higher the price, the more pleased they are. Because what we pay for dearly, we never forget. The harder the lesson, the more it is enforced. Paying for a mistake and correcting it is the fastest way to get rid of suffering. It means leaving behind the place which tormented us. Not relishing in it.
Petr Casanova
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