Beware of a partner who is obsessed with negative thoughts

Weak men incessantly speak about alleged injustices that happened to them. They despise others and keep repeating how “unfair” life has been to them. They cannot be a support either in a private or professional sphere. It is not possible to build a relationship with people who only destroy.
But every coin has two sides – the positive and negative side. Positive as well as negative aspects can be found in everything. This is up to us. It is our personal choice whether we are positive or negative. We can never persuade a weak man that the things he complains about can also be perceived positively, as a challenge. Drive. Motivation. And what can be perceived positively, can also be improved. However, it is unacceptable to the ego of the weak man that the condition he is complaining about can be corrected in the long term – and even just as simply as changing his point of view. A weak man is convinced that he is unable to positively influence anything fundamental. This is his problem. He condemns himself to ruin. You do not have to feel sorry for him. Because he has a right to free choice. Even this kind. It is all up to him.
Petr Casanova
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