Beware of a partner who is prejudiced

Weak men lack the strength to keep their emotions under control. Their irritation has victims – women and children. With their inability for self-control, they destroy everything that is living. They behave primitively because they act faster than they think. Or, more precisely – they do not think sufficiently. We can see it from their habit of judging strangers at first sight. To what extent does this speak about others, and to what extent about themselves? Judging others is a waste of time, among other things, because everything is changing. Other people, their moods, feelings, motivations, stress and suffering are not constant. We change as well. Any judgement about any other person is valid only at that specific moment, and might not be true at the next. And when we mature, we might even be ashamed of how we thought in the past.
A weakling who acts before he thinks, should not be punished, ridiculed or subjected to revenge. On the contrary, he needs help. If we are unable or unwilling to provide such help, then the best service we can provide to this weak man is to let him go. To give him the opportunity of finding someone else who will be able to help him. Do not waste time with gossips.
Petr Casanova
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