Beware of a partner who takes everything personally

Strong men know that when somebody says and does something, it is the result of his upbringing, character, knowledge and experience. Every letter tells more about the writer than the recipient. If somebody considers you amazing or intolerable, it is not so much a reflection of you, but of the person who perceives you in this way.
Weak men are touchy about praise as well as criticism from others. Compliments send them into seventh heaven (“That’s so true…”), criticism irritates them (“shameless lies…”). The most anxiety and frustration enters a man’s heart in this way. He takes other people’s judgements personally. Strong men are able to filter the opinions of others. What remains is the feedback and useful information. They are grateful for all comments, because they can use them for their own improvement. So they try to take positives for their personal growth from every sentence. And they throw the rest to the winds.
Petr Casanova
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