Beware of a partner’s pressure to live more in the past

A partner whose betrayal or other misdeeds have been revealed, usually blusters in order to deceive your ears, and bribes with material gifts to pull the wool over your eyes. He caresses, kisses, satisfies all the senses. Only one weapon has any effect on the heart – recalling the past when you felt good together.
The argument of a pleasant past is usually a bitter pill to swallow. So bitter that your reason thunders: “You are right, partner. Those were the best times. Which implies that the best is behind us in our relationship.” The heart must be resistant. It must not be drawn into the past. The past is an abyss. Something which was, but is no more, and will never again be. Just as the future is something which is not yet, and may never be. Decide on principle according to the present. If your partner bamboozles you into thinking that he has learnt his lesson, fine, give him a chance. But let him prove it by his action and not by words. If he intends to make excuses that he wants to prove it later, fine, wait a while. Indeed, every near future becomes the present. Now, now, now… has he changed his ways?
Petr Casanova
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