Do not allow yourself to be defined by something bad that is behind you

Yes, perhaps you ask yourself questions such as: What am I worth? Do I have any future? What is left for me? It would be a mistake to use the past for the answers. Nothing that has ever happened to you in the past predestines a bad future. This only applies if you do not interrupt, terminate or change something that happened to you previously. If you wish to know your future, there is no need to go to a fortune teller. Just look at what you are now doing. Because your present creates your future.
The fact that you met a bad person in the past can lead to a bad future only if you stay with such a person. In the case of the bad partner no longer being a part of you, there is no factual reason to believe that your future will be equally bad. And are you still afraid that a bad relationship will be repeated next time? Realise that there is one positive aspect in every bad experience: it teaches you, albeit in harsh ways, how to prevent a repetition of the bad experience. Life is patient. Its lessons are long and intensive, until you stop repeating the mistakes. The most effective understanding comes after difficult lessons. Do not despair. You have the same chance of finding an ideal other half for a lifetime as hitting the jackpot at the first attempt. It sometimes happens, but more often you must first gain experience and learn from it. There is one advantage. The longer you have waited for the dreamed-of partner, the more you will appreciate him.
Petr Casanova
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