Do not consider previous relationships as failures

An infant does not know how to walk. As he learns to walk, he falls. He learns to walk by falling. So, is the fall of an infant who is learning to walk, a negative or positive experience? Likewise: if you leave a relationship which has turned sour, is the event negative or positive? If you look at your life to date, you find that only one relationship has been a success. The latest one. All previous relationships were fiascos. So historically all of us appear brutally unsuccessful. Like children, who fell down time after time, until beginning to walk on their own.
The nature of people is such that whenever they are learning, they tend to consider the time of the acquisition of useful experience as being lost. They suppose that they do not know what they are still learning. But even the popular children’s dodgem car keeps banging into surrounding obstacles until it finds the way out. Every accident had its purpose, it is not futile. Through every experience gained, you find that that is not the right way. With each failure you get closer to your goal, not further away. That is why there are no futile relationships. Each person who left a trace in you, taught you a crucial lesson, thanks to which your future relationships will be wiser and more functional. Those people who suffered in previous relationships the most, usually have the happiest current relationships. After all, a similar principle apples to financial success. People with an average salary have far fewer reasons to seek better wages than those with miserable earnings, or even the unemployed. Which is why so many global billionaires originate from poor beginnings. Average people have far fewer reasons to strive for exceptionality. So be grateful for bad relationships. Only because you found the strength to discard them did you get the opportunity to establish a better relationship. Those who have been burnt, appreciate solace the most. Somebody who has been affronted by a dishonest partner, appreciates an honest partner the most.
Petr Casanova
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