Do not continue a relationship with a partner who does not understand that you cannot read his mind

Partner A had a terrible day. He returns home exhausted, with his tail between his legs, just longing for rest. Partner B had a beautiful day. She’s enthusiastic, in a merry mood, just longing for fun. Result: inevitable clash. Partner A accuses partner B, as if she is supposed to know the reason for his bad mood. They quarrel, they bristle, they make each other angry. All because of the fallacy that one partner should be able to read the other’s mind and sense his emotions. That he should predict the correct answers as well as the unspoken questions. That he will dispel even invisible anxieties.
You do not live in someone else’s head. You are not an oracle. That is why, in a good relationship, partners make the effort to communicate appropriately to make their needs known and to clear up obscurities, although these may seem obvious. They even communicate just because everything seems clear to them. This is what mouths are for. So that people can express themselves. It is incredible that people suffer the most often, and the most unnecessarily, because of the unclarified emotions of a partner.
Petr Casanova
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