Do not continue a relationship with a partner who does not understand the value of personal growth

Growth is one of the basic characteristics of life. Although an adult man stops growing physically, personal growth continues through experience. Similarly, a relationship only grows when both partners are willing to learn and work on themselves, as well as on the relationship itself. In a relationship, both partners also grow faster because they can learn from each other. Through living together, they encourage and motivate each other to improve, to change, to try, and to gain experience. And because they are also in love, they support and protect each other. They resemble a parent who teaches his child to swim by secretly holding his hands under the body for the rescue. The parent teaches the child by allowing him freedom to make independent decisions. But he watches over him.
Although you are to some extent bound in a relationship, there are still two individuals who need to be themselves. If you lose your dissimilarity, you stop bringing the added value to the relationship for the other partner to have at his disposal. A relationship deprived of your strong as well as weak points loses its meaning. And your partner will not feel any difference whether with or without you. What grows, is alive. What stagnates, rots away. Stagnant water always putrefies. And a relationship in which people do not develop, fossilises.
Petr Casanova
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