Do not postpone change if you keep asking yourself: “What if it fails?”

It is surprising how many people consume negative news – in the press, television, talking to friends. Why do people intentionally worry so much? Because to think negatively is more convenient. If you basically suppose that something will not work out, it will be meaningless even to try. And this is very convenient. A negatively thinking person does not have to do anything for his opinion to be confirmed. Because what he does not do, really does not work out. And so there are always enough negative people. Because their catastrophic prophecies are always fulfilled. Especially if they relate them to their own lives. They believe that the worst is yet to come, so they do nothing, and the worst really comes – due to their inaction.
What if I do not succeed? A really powerful question. But ask another. It is the difference of only one word, and yet makes the difference between an unsuccessful and a successful life. What if I do succeed? Such a question may sound like heresy to some. Yet, unless you try to overcome a challenge facing you, you will never know if you can succeed. You will find out only by trying. Sure, you might not succeed. But if you learn a lesson from the possible failure, one day success must come. So, be honest with yourself: Are you sure you can’t achieve something? Or do you only think so? And how will you feel when somebody else really does the thing which today you think is impossible for you?
Petr Casanova
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