Do not postpone change if you keep thinking: “What I haven’t achieved thus far, I’ll never achieve.”

Negative people believe that all the unsuccessful attempts and mistakes they’ve ever made are the measure of their current abilities and future prospects. They ask: “If I haven’t fulfilled my wishes to date, how can I believe that I’ll succeed tomorrow, or at some future time?”
If you’d thought like that immediately after your birth, you would never have spoken a single word, written a single letter, swum a single stroke. With every mistake, you realise and learn, grow wiser. Failure is the precondition of improvement. Only by assessing his mistakes, can a formerly unsuccessful man, which includes new-born babies, gradually achieve success. Nobody is born successful. One becomes successful. Failure is temporary. Giving up is permanent. Therefore, if this passive thought pursues you, it is time to start acting as quickly as possible.
Petr Casanova
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