Do not postpone change if you keep wailing: “I don’t have the time to dream of something better.”

The real tragedy in life is not failing to achieve one’s dream, but having no dream. It is never easy to make dreams come true. If it was easy, people would fulfil their dreams easily, sitting on a couch. But dreams are Solomonic – and this is a good thing. They force us to get up from the couch. To leave the comfort zone. To work on ourselves. To seek a way over the obstacle. To rejoice in a little progress. And to grow through all this. One day you will find that finally it does not matter if you achieved the dreamed-of objective. An objective is not some point at the end of the road. The road itself is the dream. Because you grow, thanks to walking in the pathway. Not only when you reach the goal.
On the contrary, you lose drive and speed at the finish line. Like runners who finally stop sprinting. They have no motivation to continue. They have already reached their goal. The finish line. That is why you should keep finding increasingly higher objectives in any phase of life. Values that give you meaning and at the same time motivate you. Values worth pursuing despite the effort that must be put in. The most beautiful thing about dreams is that they are yours alone. Just like life. Is there anything more important for the use of time than your own life, and the things that fulfil it?
Petr Casanova
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