Do not regret leaving a bad person; at least there is one less around you

Do you know what is worse than being left by a bad friend? Still to have him nearby. Because that would mean that he has not hurt you enough for you to be able to do without him. Giving a second (or further) chance to a bad person is like loading his pistol once more because he has missed you with the first shot.
Disappointment is almost always perceived negatively, but it is actually one of the most effective ways of opening the eyes, mind and heart to a blind person, and to return her to the right path. We function like satellite car navigation, when it is surprised by the new data and announces: “Updating…” It is disoriented for a moment. But then it takes you to your destination much more precisely. Because it has been updated with new facts, about which it had no previous idea. Likewise, we also begin to perceive positively that we have unmasked an individual. Although transformation hurts, at least we no longer have to live a lie. Everything ends well in fairy tales. Real life is just like that. Evil serves the good. People knocked down to the bottom re-evaluate their lives. They start from zero, from their fundamental values, and build a much more stable future. This is the blessing of every fall. It heals, it liberates. When a pond is cleaned, not only is the dirty water sluiced out, but the mud is also removed. The inventory we take within has the same effect.
Petr Casanova
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