Do not regret leaving a bad person; you will appreciate a good one even more

The quality of every relationship depends on the willingness and ability of both partners to work at it. A successful relationship is built faster with the aid of quality people. If you drive an unreliable chameleon out of a relationship, you will find that a boulder has disappeared and it is easier to rebuild your life. It is always better to be alone, than to be with a partner and yet alone. For every person who has ever betrayed you, you learn to appreciate the people who have not betrayed you. In so doing, you yourself grow. One who has had to call for help can better understand the SOS call of others. In short, anyone who has encountered a chameleon has a chance to be a better person. Because, through the negative experience, you have received one of the most valuable human gifts: the ability to empathise with others.
Unfortunately, many people are unable to break up with a partner. They live in the assumption that, although he is bad, the next partner could be even worse. This is only half true. The next partner could also be much better. Why do we rather believe in the negative? We suffer from the syndrome of a mountain observer. If we focus on one mountain as a solitaire, we lose perspective. It astonishes us by its size and we do not realise that there are far higher peaks. Without a comparison, some people give the impression of being a mountain, and yet are like a molehill next to a real mountain range. So find a better partner. But to be able to find somebody better, you first of all have to start seeking. Be courageous and take a step away from a chameleon-like relationship. You will not regret it. It is a move from evil towards good.
Petr Casanova
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