Do not write a comma where life writes a full stop

Unfaithful people often try to glue together broken pots. Think twice about this. Rather be with someone who appreciates what he has when he has it. Not only after he loses it. Deceived people are also vulnerable, because they have so much pain in their hearts and the only person to ease the pain is the one who caused it. Only in the course of time will one understand that there is a reason why a bad person from the past is not in one’s future. What a pity that, through all those tears, one does not hear life saying: “Don’t be angry with me. I just want you to learn something.” One of the lessons infidelity teaches you is not to worry about those who do not worry about you. And to stop always being the one to take the first step. Life teaches one that it is no miracle to have 1 000 Facebook friends. It is a miracle to have one person who will stand by you when 1 000 people on Facebook are against you. That is support. That is a Partner with a capital “P”. By the way, do you know why a perfect partner will never return? Because a partner who loves you sincerely, will never leave you.
Do not try to dilute a mess, or to write a comma where life writes a full stop. Do not grovel with text messages: “I love you, I miss you.” These words are so powerful that they reveal how weak you are at such moments. And weak people cannot be a support in a relationship. Weak people forgive. But if you forgive too often, others will get used to hurting you. The more you show an unworthy partner that you cannot live without him, the more reasons you give him to take you for granted. Like an old rag, which can be thrown away and picked up at any time. That is, if he graciously wants to.
Petr Casanova
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