Don’t believe in demons, they do not exist

What is done, cannot be undone. What has happened, cannot be changed. Just because something was created in the past, it does not have to continue in the present. You already know that the door to the past must be closed. That is why what was in the past is also going to stay there. Realise two important facts: If somebody hurt you badly in the past, he need not be part of your life ever again. And if somebody new enters your life, he need not have anything in common with those who isolated you in the past.
In brief, demons are simply in your power. If you do not want to, you need not return to something which did not previously work. Just leave the door to the past closed with a big bolt. The past and future, as we have already mentioned, are two times that do not exist. So there is no reason why they should trouble you. Actually, nothing ever troubles a human being. Man torments himself. Your suffering is not the fault of other people, circumstances, events. The fault is specifically yours. You do not love yourself enough. So: you must love yourself more. Although you are wallowing in self-pity, realise that nobody has stigmatised you, nobody has condemned you. You are the one creating your own life. At every instant, you have everything you need to build a better relationship. Most importantly, you have experience. Learn to deal with past demons. If a photo of somebody who turned you into a ferryman falls from a photo album, do not throw it away. On the contrary, exhibit it. Get used to looking demons straight in the eyes and thanking them. There really is a reason. It was they who taught you to be more cautious and not to repeat the ferrying mistake in relationships.
Petr Casanova
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