Enjoy tranquillity

When a yacht lowers the sails, there is nothingness. The Captain experiences calm and has the amazing luxury of deciding which direction to take. Solitude is a precious change for us too. We have the exclusive opportunity of sorting out our entire lives. Remorse, accusations, all the pros and cons disappear in the calm. The relationship between former partners also changes. At that moment, they really get to know each other. Because they are not obliged to do anything else. They can only, in total nakedness, begin to understand one another. Maybe you will discover somebody interesting, and realise that, while you were sorting through stones for years in private, you were merely overlooking a gem.
Tranquillity is the time to clear up many things. During stocktaking, you will always find somebody who disappointed you, and somebody who helped you. But the result is never in balance. Because you get rid of those who hurt you, but surround yourself with those who helped you. So every betrayal actually cleans out your surroundings. You will find that, after a betrayal, you are better off in terms of human resources, than before the betrayal. The evil has gone. The good has arrived. What more could one wish for?
Petr Casanova
There really are 250 Laws of Love.
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