Every moment is a new beginning

Whatever happened to you is over. That is why it is called the past. Wishing for a different past is a waste of time. The past is unchangeable. You only need to do one thing: take it as a fact. Reconcile yourself to it. You have no other option anyway. However, what you can change is the present. Every present moment offers a new beginning. Your previous joys as well as mistakes remain in the past. It is important to understand this. You are not who you were. You are who you decide to become. But for this, you need to change your habits, stop running along the same rut – because the rails leading from the past have brought you right here. To the present station. And what you do today, builds the rails to tomorrow’s station.
Life is very merciful to people. Whenever they survive a fatal crisis, it provides them with lots of energy. However, people waste this energy on weeping, escaping from reality, taking revenge, kicking themselves. Imagine using the same energy positively – to cut off the past and build something new. Crises occur merely to enable you to pause, re-evaluate the existing process and change the stereotype. This is the only thing that can lead you out of the vicious cycle. Yes, life sometimes uses tough methods. But, let’s be frank, what lessons other than the tough ones can really wake you up? Every new experience increases the probability of you becoming who you want to be. But you have to learn your lesson, carry on and never give up. Regardless of how hard the period you have been through is, you always have the ability to change.
Petr Casanova
There really are 250 Laws of Love.
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