Give and take in a relationship

A healthy relationship is balanced in energy. What you put in, you should get back. It does not have to be in the same form (lent money), but it must be in some form (feelings). To make it clear: a relationship is not a trade. But everything in Nature must be balanced. Whenever you are willing to give too much, your partner is in an unpleasant position. He senses this imbalance and is aware that he is unable to pay back such a big loan. Therefore, do not be hasty to give, particularly at the beginning of a relationship. There is always time enough for giving. If you meet a fair partner, he will even reject a relationship in which you shower him with benefits, or he will take a reserved stance towards it.
This is the problem of all people who give in an exaggerated manner, and then even blame a partner for it. What can a partner do, if he cannot express emotions in such a splendid way, if he is not used to it and refuses to devalue his compliments by this approach? Understandably, he recedes from the scene or disappears entirely. And keeps on being surprised. Because the person who got him into the embarrassing position even rails at him from a distance.
Petr Casanova
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