Help a partner who constantly needs to win in debates with you

Your partner made a mistake. So what? He had an idea which did not turn out well. So what? Let your partner speak unhesitatingly about everything that is running through his mind. Let him not be afraid of his opinions. Discuss them. From your different points of view, arrive at boundaries and compromises. Argue with a smile, persuade, prompt. Do not adopt a posture just to be right. On the contrary, talk simply because you are not afraid to be wrong. Small-minded people are very irritated when others disagree with them. Under no circumstances will they admit that they can be wrong. They insist on always being right, even when they are obviously wrong. Their ego wants, and even needs, everyone around them to confirm this. However, such behaviour is close to folly and far removed from self-esteem.
Explain to a partner who, like a child, insists on his own viewpoint, that it does not matter if he finds himself in the wrong. Finding out what is right is more important than being right at all costs. Whenever you discover that you were wrong, be pleased about it. Change your mind as far as is necessary, and correct yourself. Nothing will happen. Well, something actually does happen. Something very fundamental happens. You are incomparably better off than when sticking to a false conclusion. Indeed, you are wiser.
Petr Casanova
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