Help a partner who constantly speaks just to hear his own voice

If somebody strives for attention by incessant talking, it is as if he is wearing a mask over his insecurity. Self-confident people are often silent, because they are certain of their opinions. They listen rather than speak. They know what they think. And they do not need to repeat it aloud. What they need far more is to know what others think about a specific matter. By their silence, they give them the space to formulate their opinions, and thus present new views on a matter. That is why, instead of replying to questions nobody has even asked, rather ask others: “How did you manage to do this?” “What did you learn during the process?” “What would you do differently, if you were to try again today?”
Ask, in order to learn something. Because each of us knows something, but none of us knows everything. The only way to learn more, is to listen. So remember: Whenever you wish to improve a relationship, ask questions. Or reply to questions the other person asks. But in no case just speak to hear your own voice. You will not learn anything new in that way.
Petr Casanova
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