Help a partner who continuously disparages himself with derogatory words

Words are an invisible weapon which one must learn to handle. The basic skill is not to turn this weapon either against others or against yourself. Be aware of the destructive force of words. The difference between the rhetorical questions “Why SHOULD I succeed?” and “Why SHOULDN’T I succeed?” can mean the difference between an unsuccessful and a successful person.
Motivate your partner to constructive discussions. Explain to him that the derogatory sentences he uses in his own defence are futile. Indeed, negative sentences uttered about oneself, have no recipient other than oneself. They are like the ball in a squash court. When alone in a fierce contest, you either defeat or injure yourself. No other outcome is possible in the game. If a partner makes the effort to formulate some words, let him rather utter positive words. In terms of expended energy, it takes the same effort. However, the result is entirely different.
Petr Casanova
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