Help a partner who continuously makes excuses

An excuse does not tell anything about the circumstances you apologise for, but about your ability to cope with them. Every obstacle can be overcome, more easily when faced by two people together. Your vision must always be bigger than your excuses. There is never a point in life when it is useless to strive for more. As long as one is alive, there is something to be achieved, created, experienced. There will always be someone in the world who you can help.
You must take ownership of your thoughts and actions. Do not blame anyone in your surroundings for your failure. Admit to yourself that you did not manage to achieve something. Do not nurture your weaknesses with falsehoods such as, “I had no time,” “I’m not good enough.” Learn to make the time and work on the elimination of areas that can be improved, until the desired results are achieved. Even a small step forwards is more than a big excuse. Tell this to your partner. Help him to stop seeing every obstacle as a signal for making an excuse. Instead, let him find a solution, see obstacles as an exercise machine for personal growth. Obstacles are not what are encountered in life. Obstacles are life itself.
Petr Casanova
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