Help a partner who is increasingly obsessed by success/failure

If success makes one arrogant, it is definitely not the achievement of real success. Perhaps you have earned some money, but continue to be an arrogant person, and not only with regard to money. Even failure should not change a man for the worse. This is no reason. Failure forces a man to re-evaluate what has been achieved so far, which is beneficial. Regardless of whether life goes well or badly, try to accept it in the same way. Resting on one’s laurels has deplorable consequences, because one stagnates. Succumbing to anxiety backfires too, because one also stagnates. Try always to learn a lesson from failure. Analyse why you succeeded or failed at something. In this way, you will adjust your strengths as well your weaknesses. You can strengthen the strengths, and weaken the weaknesses. So always learn both from success and failure.
Victory and loss are two poles with the same contents – both contain a detonator as well as a treasure. It is only up to you which one you choose. Winning or losing can either destroy you or motivate you. If you remain positive, you can be better tomorrow than you are today. If your partner does not have his feet on the ground, he is heading for disaster.
Petr Casanova
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