If there is a reason to trust your partner, trust him

Let’s turn it around. Let’s not seek the negatives if we cannot find any, despite all efforts. Let’s seek the positives. Let’s start to build. Let’s trust. Trust is the glue which holds a relationship together. Distrust is a diluent which decomposes a relationship. In the human tribe, it is common to distrust. Many people do not even believe in themselves. In every circumstance, they find a reason not to have faith in themselves. How then could they trust anyone else?
Let’s learn to ask in a different way: Do I have a reason to trust? What would the world look like if people did not trust each other? Would they pass by each other with Colts on their belts? How come we walk around unarmed in the streets? After all, somebody might shoot us! This is the difference between negative and positive thinking. The only way to find out whether to trust your partner, is to trust him. Your reputation is not at stake. If he cheats on you despite your trust, he will especially defame himself as a rat. So start to behave as if everything the partner tells you is true. If he says he loves you, believe it! If you have an obsessive need to check everything he says, stop doing it. Simply trust him. This is really beneficial. Relaxing, untiring, and especially less risky to the relationship.
Petr Casanova
There really are 250 Laws of Love.
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