If you leave the past behind, you do not lose it

Your past is an archive. A large vault of experiences found within your mind. Depending on the quality of your memory, you can return to the past as often as you like. The past is a useful aid with which to confront the present thoughts and actions. It enables you to recall what did not work before, and thus to find the way to what can work. It can be painful to leave behind old memories, actions and people in the past. However, the pain of remaining in something non-functional is always bigger than the pain of leaving it. Departure from bad people hurts less than remaining in a relationship with them. Because prolongation of a relationship with a bad person will never create a good relationship.
Some departures impart the feeling that you have lost something. That you have wasted time on something that eventually turned out to be dysfunctional. However, reality is the exact opposite. You did not lose anything and only gained – experience, as well as all the time that is yet to come. Starting from scratch is no shame, but a manifestation of strength and courage. After some time, you will appreciate this period and the experience gained and be grateful for it. It is always cleansing to return to living in compliance with one’s own values. And somebody who forgets his own values, needs a regular slap from life. In his own interest.
Petr Casanova
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