Leave the door open

When a partner confides that he wants to go out with friends one night, accept it. This is a neutral act which can preserve freedom in a relationship. Bad partners turn a relationship into a prison. And the other person into an irresponsible partner. The worst thing is that your negative behaviour negatively influences your partner. It is like a dog. Which dog is more likely to escape – the one always tied up in the kennel, or the one who can run around freely in the garden?
The healthiest relationships are those in which the doors are open on all sides. Because air circulates in such a relationship. It is a fresh environment. If your partner loves you sincerely, he will not run away. And if he does not love you, it is a positive outcome if he leaves as soon as possible and never returns. Because a house cannot be built on unsound foundations, just as the future of a relationship cannot be built on an unsound partner. Leaving the door open means transferring responsibility to the partner. Let him express by his actions how valuable you are to him. • • • If you stop being jealous, it is a service you primarily provide to yourself, not to your partner. Because jealousy happens inside. You eat your heart out. If you want to limit or get rid of jealousy, ask yourself: What if everything is all right? What if I am tormenting myself needlessly? What if my partner is in fact worthy? These are equivalent to the questions people ask when pursuing any success: What if I am all right and can succeed? What if I am suffering needlessly and can cope blindfold with what I fear? What if a successful person is dormant within me, and I am only afraid to wake him/her up? What purpose has my fear? Most people have the potential to succeed. They do not succeed merely because their fear does not permit it. Jealousy, like other fears, exists only in the mind. The solution is on the very spot. Keep reminding yourself of these 3 axioms: 1. Jealousy does not give me anything, it only takes away. 2. Jealousy reveals less about my partner and more about me. 3. Jealousy is futile. I must not end up the same way – futile.
Petr Casanova
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