Never avoid positive people and happy couples

This is probably the most important methodology of the thought process: Negative feelings create negative thoughts. Negative thoughts spur negative deeds. And negative deeds lead to negative results. Whenever you desire a positive change, you must let positive energy into your body. There are many sources. Firstly, joy. From the most ordinary things. Already thanks to them, you can become convinced that joy still exists, that it is all around you and you are capable of feeling it. So seek opportunities for distraction. Open yourself up to a positive life. If somebody has pushed oodles of gall and dirt into you, and you cannot wash it from your body yourself, ask your friends for help. It it best to ask those who are happier and more positive than you. They will know what to do. You are flooded by negativity and feel that positive people rather provoke you. Unhappy people suffer when they see others happy. Not because unhappy people are bad. The evil is only within them. They would like to be happy, but there is only limited space within. One must get rid of the bad things first, so that the good can fit in.
Positive friends are infectious with their different world views. With a snap of the fingers, you begin to laugh at your missteps. Laughter is powerful. By lifting facial muscles, you lift the floodgates of happiness. Hormones that do you good are released. Laughter, this chemical process, accelerates time. It enables a detached view of even tragic events. The reason is not that events have changed. Only your perception of the events has changed. Only strong people can uplift others. And strength does not fall from the skies. Strength is built by experience. The strongest person is not the one who has never encountered any obstacles in life, but the one who has overcome as many obstacles as possible. Friends who are in strong relationships understand what you are going through. They have usually previously experienced the same things, which have made them stronger. Thus they provide both courage and a positive example. If they could find the strength by ferrying, so can you. We can either breathe a carpet full of dust forever, or dust it outside in the fresh air. The same happens in a relationship. Outside with friends. Do not doubt that if you dust out the past, you will breathe better.
Petr Casanova
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