Only the life which you yourself create awaits you

We like to renounce responsibility for own lives. We ask others what we should do. But no one else can know what is right for us. We have the answer within ourselves. We just have to find it. Firstly, recognise that your life is really yours alone. Others can persuade you, manipulate you, try to change you, but they cannot decide for you. They can walk by your side, but never in your shoes. Try to let the way you walk be in line with your intuition and desire. If there are no previous tracks, don’t be afraid to step into the fresh snow and make your own new footprints in it. It is always better to stand on the first rung of your own ladder, which you desire to climb, than to be on top of someone else’s ladder where you feel uncertain.
Life is this ladder. Where you reach is entirely your own choice. No, nobody will live life on your behalf. And you will never live any differently from what you have created. A step taken by self-will and with passion is always worthwhile. It does not matter how miserable the place is where you find yourself at present. A journey of a thousand miles also starts with the first step. In life, it is not so much about the distance you walk, but about the direction taken. The heart is the indication of direction. If you follow where it directs, you are in harmony with your desires. The reward for the courage to follow your heart is a feeling of self-fulfilment.
If you have a problem trusting in intuition, don’t worry, you will learn to trust intuition.
Petr Casanova
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