Success is usually preceded by failure

From childhood, one is taught that a mistake is bad, shameful, reprehensible. Those who err should be ashamed. One should be spanked for a bad grade. However, most mistakes in life are inevitable. At birth, life is a clean sheet. A baby has no experience. Any progress can only occur if you are unafraid of treading where you have never before ventured. All the mistakes ever committed in life are an invaluable source of learning. Each subsequent step is usually wiser. It is no disgrace to make a mistake. The only real disgrace is not to learn from the mistake.
If you are afraid of change or failure, you do not take the necessary steps for improvement. Error is not an enemy. It is an ally. An indicator of reserves and potential improvement. Every success is the result of a previous failure.
If you have a problem with acceptance of mistakes, don’t worry, you will learn acceptance.
Petr Casanova
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