Talk to the other person if you are letting your fear paralyse your future

Every fear is just a feeling. Fear is not a reality. It does not exist, only in your mind. That is why the only thing you should fear in life, is yourself. Only you are able to destroy your dreams once and for all. Only you can ensure that fear is stronger than your commitment. Only you can get stuck and paralyse yourself. Nobody else is to blame. Nobody can decide this on your behalf. As the saying goes: “No pain, no gain”. It is normal that the way ahead will be painful. That strained muscles ache. When limits are overcome is when the muscles begin to strengthen.
That is why the time devoted to growth and pain should never be regretted. On the contrary, those moments should be cherished, because they provide strength, lessons and experience of how to overcome the same problems more easily the next time. No achievement in life is measured by what is achieved, but rather by what has been overcome along the way. The value of the result always grows in proportion to the effort expended.
Petr Casanova
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