Talk to the other person if you spend too much time fulfilling the expectations of others

Do you know what destroys the foundations of a relationship the most? The gnawing feeling that you are not living the life that you wish for. Or that you are living someone else’s life, but not your own. You wake up unmotivated in the mornings, only to fulfil the expectations of somebody else. You receive a salary, but the money is meaningless to you, as it cannot pay for what you really need. At home, it also seems as if you are living according to somebody else’s script.
Often you ask: Where is my own life? How much time do I devote every day to what I really want to do? Why don’t I have the strength to fight back? This usually happens when you are so preoccupied by living according to the scenario of others that you lose control of your own life. You are not yourself. And it even seems inappropriate to you to do something according to your own wishes. You fear that somebody else will slander, leave, condemn you. You are afraid that you may lose something by being yourself. And so you prefer not even to begin. As if you are not living at all. You disappear to yourself in a mist. According to scientific conclusions, there is only one life. The one you are living right now. You know what makes you happy, what fulfils you, what you desire, what you need. Your feelings give you the indications. You know when you feel good and when you feel bad. Please do not forget who you are. Because your partner loves you as you are. Do not also become lost to him. Ask your partner to give you a hand at such times. You will find that everything you need is already in your hands. And if you are particularly lucky, the everything that you have is your partner.
Petr Casanova
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