Talk to the other person if you think that the best is already over

New experience is gained at each new step. Life teaches one that there is never a time to be so wise that there is not the need to become even wiser. At the same time, at no past moment in life is one as experienced as at the present time. What do these sentences tell you? That it is unnecessary to be engaged too long in the past. Return to it like to a pantry. For positive supplies. For experience. For nothing else. The past is a period which has no future. The only future is created by what you do in the present. Indeed, your situation can always be improved. So, try to live. As the Irish dramatist Oscar Wilde wrote, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” To live means especially to open oneself to life.
And life, as we know, is about change. Open yourself to change. Seek change, enjoy it, shift your experience and limits. Relish the here and now. All growth is based on new experiences. They comprise the best that you can get. Not in the immature and dead past. The treasure is in the present moment. In what you can do for yourself. Do not forget that you are the most experienced you have ever been, and the least experienced you will ever be in your lifetime. • • • Talk to your partner when you feel confined. Your partner will relieve the heavy yoke of your emotions. And do not fear that your partner will mock or reproach you for tormenting yourself with something which may be incomprehensible from his viewpoint. If your partner is worthy of you, he will empathise with you. And understand you along the way. Or at least accept you.
Petr Casanova
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