Talk to the other person when you start to focus more on your failures, rather than on your successes

It is much more convenient to settle for one’s own mediocrity than to try to rise above the average. It is much more convenient to talk about what we should learn, than to really start learning it. It is much more convenient to say that everything is too difficult and complicated, than to find a way to simplify things and to achieve what is supposedly impossible. It is much more convenient to complain about a bad job and to stay in it, than to seek or create a better one.
How sad that people grumble at the life they are living and, at the same time, avoid change. They do not progress, due to a fear of trials, mistakes and experience. The desire to succeed must always be stronger than the fear of failure. Of course, everybody is afraid. But one must not be too scared even to try. What you aim for is merely up to you. As the pioneer of the motor industry, Henry Ford, said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right.”
Petr Casanova
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