Talk to the other person when you think too often that you are not good enough

Try not to restrict yourself by thoughts of what you can or cannot do, or what is and is not possible. Realise for once and for all that belief is not a thought controlled by the mind. Belief is a thought which controls the mind.
There will never be a better time to start something you do not believe in, than immediately. You will never be more prepared or experienced, if you prevent yourself from absorbing new knowledge and experience. Belief in oneself does not fall from the skies. You cannot buy it in a supermarket. It is not lying in the road. Your belief does not surround you. Because it is already within. It has been for a long time. You are only not using it. It is like hopping willingly on one leg, cursing the world, politicians and neighbours for being faster than you, while all that you need to do is to start using your second leg too. Do not doubt yourself. You are good, strong, courageous and skilful enough to do something today that you have always feared, and thus become better, stronger, more courageous, more skilful. What if you decide to consider today as being the ideal day to move ahead?
Petr Casanova
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