Tell the other person as often as possible: “Thank you for accepting me as I am.”

A partner is a person who knows everything about you and yet accepts you. He does not need to change you in order to make you more attractive to him. He understands that you are unique and supports you to be yourself. And if you go off the rails and stop being yourself, he puts you back on track, emphasising that he loves you the way you are. In relationships with unhealthy foundations, one partner points out the mistakes of the other, without appreciating the good points. The reason is not that the person being criticised only has faults. But the critic only sees the faults in the partner. Let’s not forget that nobody is perfect. So let’s also seek out the good in a person. Appreciate the time and energy your partner spends on you. There is nothing more valuable in a relationship.
Also, do not waste time and energy on bad people. Surround yourself in all relationships, including those at the workplace, only with people who are grateful for having you in their lives. If somebody accepts you the way you want to be, it provides the most amazing power needed in life – to make your dreams come true. And in so doing, enjoy life and yourself to the full. If a person is generously allowed by a partner to primarily love himself in a relationship, he will bring a balanced and loving person into the relationship. Yes, himself.
Petr Casanova
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