Tell the other person as often as possible: “Thank you for meeting me halfway.”

It is not easy for two individuals with entirely different genetic characteristics, education, past, desires and experience to get on well in life. A permanent presence of incongruities is natural. After all, it is known that a relationship is enriched by problems that two people are able to solve together. It is not important exactly how they solve them, but that they do. Perfect partners solve problems on principle at the halfway mark. What does this mean?
Whenever they disagree on something, they work on a solution which makes sense to both sides. It’s called compromise. Because if only the need of one side is fulfilled, the other party feels disparaged. Mature couples find a solution on this basis: - “Today, we’ll do what you wish.” - “No, let’s do what you wish today.” Compromise is always sought more easily if it starts with absolute openness to the other person.
Petr Casanova
There really are 250 Laws of Love.
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