Tell the other person as often as possible: “Thank you for motivating me when I need it.”

Life is sometimes like a car, the possibilities of which you misjudged. In short, you run out of fuel on the road. At such a time, you usually can’t push the car by yourself; the petrol station is too far away. This happens when somebody unjustifiably knocks you down, spits on you and leaves you crushed. Perhaps you even feel like remaining in such a position. Resigned and remorseful. The support of a partner is invaluable at such a time. When you are at your lowest strength, the ideal partner can inspire you to get up and be who you always wanted to be.
The ideal partner will force you to stay on course despite your imperfections. Not by violence, shouting, although hands and words are used. A helping hand and words of encouragement. A partner can remind you that many problems would disappear from the world if people talked more to others and less about others. Your partner is the first person to whom you should speak in a difficult situation. The perfect partner wants to hear the truth, even though it is uncomfortable and uneasy. He requires a truthful relationship. One where partners do not have to be ashamed of the truth, whatever it may be. The same applies to sincerity.
Petr Casanova
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