Tell the other person as often as possible: “Thank you for your patience and forgiveness.”

We are all human. Only people. That is, we make mistakes. One of the mistakes we can make in life, is to hurt someone else. The strength of a relationship then depends on the reaction of the injured person, and whether he reminds the guilty party of the mistake or misuses the corrected mistake. After all, you get to know the character of your partner best if you yourself make a mistake.
If the mistake is acceptable, the perfect partner can be generous, because he knows that if the other partner leaves him, he would lose not only a loved one, but also all the little things experienced with the partner. Mutual laughter and embraces – everything that is free, and yet which surpasses all worldly treasures. In relationship with healthy foundations, partners therefore define patience as the ability to shine a light on someone whose flame is fading, and forgiveness as the ability not to use unchangeable past against the other person. The total of patience and forgiveness brings about a detached view, the ability to be at ease with what cannot be changed. Do not expect a partnership to be easy. A healthy relationship does not fall from the skies. Just like success in any other area, it requires time, patience and people willing and able to build something meaningful and long-lasting. Despite problems. Or, more precisely – because of problems.
Petr Casanova
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