Value those who are willing to accept your truth as well as your mistakes

Friendship is like an umbrella. If it is not opened entirely, it does not work. What does absolute openness mean? Firstly, it is normal to disagree with the opinions and actions of others. Because it is actually very rare for two persons to agree completely. They have been brought up differently, followed different life paths, taken different crossroads and acquired different experience and perspectives.
Disagreement is natural. That is why it is senseless to bad-mouth others for what they think or believe in; to reject their dreams only because you dislike them personally. On the contrary, learn to appreciate the grace of other people’s opinions, of different views of the same thing. This might mean that you have to swallow your pride and superciliousness and think beyond what is natural or convenient for you. Angels know that real friendship is not a struggle for power or truth. There is no conflict. Friends are not competitors. They stand on the same side under all circumstances, willing to accept the truth as well as the mistakes of others. After all, one’s understanding also deepens with every experience. So do not deprive others of the strengthening opportunity to realise their mistakes for themselves, and to learn to correct them.
Petr Casanova
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