Value those who give you the freedom to be yourself

It sounds natural, but when did you have absolute freedom to be yourself? From childhood you had to do something demanded by others. Parents, teachers, professors, employers. There was a whip above you all the time. If you disobeyed, you could be beaten, complained about, fired. When could you actually be 100 percent authentic?
Some people are not themselves for their entire lives. Courage is needed to be oneself. People feel anxiety, awkwardness, worries. However, more than anything, they wish to be themselves. Angels never blame others for deciding to be authentic. They do not define others according to how they wish to see them. On the contrary, they let others reach their own definitions. Thanks to angels guarding the path, you have an opportunity to show the world how amazing and unique you are. In addition, in a way which is the most appropriate and convenient to you.
Petr Casanova
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