Value those who inspire and reinvigorate you

Every step on life’s path contributes in some way. Regardless of whether the experience is pleasant or unpleasant, it enriches you. You become wiser. To grow, you need to progress. And to advance, in addition to courage and commitment, you also need some kind of a dynamo to supply increasingly more energy for every move you make. Angels are that dynamo. A separate section is devoted to angels, because they are indeed special. In what way? For example, they appreciate and praise others. Unfortunately, this is not something which is practised by many today. And angels are capable of reinvigorating others only if they are sufficiently positive. It is not their problem to specify what they admire about others. They can see it in the eyes. At such moments, it is like emitting positive energy by registered letter. After their infusion of positive energy, one has more of it. And thanks to their help, one is positively attuned and able to behave positively in return towards the angels. Yes, those who we encourage will also start to encourage us. That is why no angel ever became poorer through giving.
There is one basic rule for these special beings: praise in public, punish in private. They never mock others publicly if they have the opportunity to do so. If they do not understand someone, they question him. If they disagree with someone, they tell him. But they never condemn him behind his back, never vilify him in front of others. For that matter, there is no reason for doing this. Those who are unafraid of mistakes deserve to be appreciated. And those people will grow with every new experience.
Petr Casanova
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