What you focus on, you can change

The whole process of success and happiness starts with your thinking. It is impossible to lead a positive life with a negative approach. So how do you switch your attitude from negative to positive in hard times? In a hopeless situation, one most often feels impotent, because you do not know what to do, you are in shock because you did not count on something like this, and you feel pain because suddenly all you see are closed doors. It seems as if the world has conspired against you, that you are nothing, and can see no future. You are filled with the fear of the unknown, certainties are an empty concept. Time does not heal injuries. On the contrary, the burden is increasingly heavy. Day after day, your position as a victim is confirmed. You are dejected and eaten up by feelings of injustice. You lose faith, strength as well as willpower.
Everything can change if you admit that every crisis has a positive message and solution. What is that? Firstly, it is necessary to find out what has caused your mental downfall. Maybe you made a mistake, maybe you did not. Perhaps you had some warning signs and ignored them. All such thinking is painful. It is like chafing at an unhealed wound. But you chafe at it so as not to hurt yourself, but to help yourself for the next time. Indeed all crises are beneficial for giving a clear indication that life has not proceeded in the right direction. When you realise this, you start seeing crises as useful opportunities for change, for a better and more functional life. You stop being crazy about looking obsessively back in time. Why return to it? Was not one mistake one too many? Every crisis, if correctly understood as an opportunity, can lead to revolutionary personal transformation. Transformation of your behaviour, attitude to life, discovery of new possibilities. Simply, a transformation of your life as a whole. Of course, you must forget the bad situation. Not succumb to it. Use it as a kick-start for new decisions.
Petr Casanova
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