Without occasional unhappiness you would not recognise happiness

If it were not for winter, we would not notice the arrival of spring. If it were not for bad times, we would not appreciate the good ones. Diversity of life enables us to be grateful for times when we are doing well, and to be patient in moments when we are not. Bad luck returns us to the basic phase when one again answers the questions preceding every new beginning and positive forgetting. Such as: What will fulfil me? What is my real dream? What do I still want to achieve in life? Why are these questions so important? Our goals define us. They tell us who we are and what is important to us. Goals give our dreams a clearer and more specific contour, and a direction for us to follow. We must also ask these questions, because in the hardest knockouts we often do not know what we really want. When we formulate it, we do not dare to follow it. We drown in the negative feeling that we do not even deserve to be successful. Yet the contrary is true.
People who manage to outgrow negative goals, recognise the positive ones. So build on your fundamental values, strengths and everything you like and enjoy. Somewhere out there you will find your goal, your joy of life, your happiness. Although what you long for seems huge, do not be afraid. Every huge goal can be divided into many small, more easily attainable goals. So what, if it takes a long time to achieve the big goal? It does not matter, because it will be aligned to your happiness the whole time. All goals that are related to your inner desires, are more easily and quickly fulfilled. In due course, you will no longer care about the obstacles in your path, because the pathway already fulfils you. The primary objective you should have is to fill the emptiness inside, the inadequacy you are currently experiencing. Such a goal will charge you with commitment, energy, as well as reconciliation to life. And as for life, it sometimes must turn you upside down to force you to go on straight ahead.
Petr Casanova
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